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Top ten questions to ask when looking for a
Scissor Sharpening Machine.

  1. What do you get for your money?
    When buying a scissor sharpening system, look to see if it is really a scissor sharpening system, or just a scissor sharpening machine. A machine is not a system. It is part of a system. A scissor sharpening system is the sharpening machine, the method of scissors sharpening and the incidental tools related to scissor sharpening. Anyone can build a scissor-sharpening machine. That’s the easy part.
  2. How well is it built?
    Scissor sharpening isn’t something you do once. Scissor sharpening is a life style and your sharpening machine should reflect this. You will be sharpening scissors day in and day out. Look for quality as well as convenience. It may look nice, but can you actually sharpen scissors on it easily.
  3. What can you do with it?
    There are many edge styles on hair scissors. A scissor-sharpening machine must be capable of doing these different styles. A scissor sharpening machine that only does edges associated with cloth scissors or poultry shears, will not provide the edges you’re looking for.
  4. What can’t you do?
    If the maker claims that it is a machine for sharpening hair scissors, make sure it can do Convex as well as beveled edges. Convex or “clamshell” edges are complex in nature. Most scissor sharpening technicians fall short in their abilities doing convex scissors. Beveled edges are relatively easy.
  5. How fast is the machine?
    Speed is essential if you are in the scissor sharpening business. A single plate machine will slow you down. If it uses a blade holding fixture, how fast can you insert and remove the blade? You will need to do this many times on each pair of scissors you sharpen.
  6. Can I do a lefty scissor on it?
    Only 6 % of the hairdressers are lefties. Very few of them use left-handed scissors, but you still need to be able to do them. Can the machine handle them? Does the company that makes the scissor sharpening machine teach this?
  7. How quickly can you change abrasives?
    Changing abrasives is a time consuming task. It may only take 15 seconds to change an abrasive, but this adds up and the cost can easily be measures in the tens of thousands of dollars over time. Multi plate machines reduce this task to near zero.
  8. What kind of support does the company provide after the sale?
    When you buy a scissor sharpening machine does the manufacturer support you after the sale? You should be able to contact someone immediately with any problems not only with the machine, but when you run into trouble on a specific scissor. The problems you encounter diminish as your scissor sharpening career continues, but expect some in the initial stages.
  9. Why is this machine better than the competition?
    Look at ALL the differences. Do not simply look at the up-front price of the sharpening machine. This is the trap on cheaper machines. If it is a single plate system, then surely the price is greater over time. If it has a fixture, which is inferior in some way, then scissor sharpening is work not fun. If the machine looks like you could have built it for less, then you probably should. If the scissor sharpening machine has built in lighting and water cooling it is better than having to rig up your own.


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