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Brief History of the Rapid Edge System of Scissor Sharpening.

Going into scissor sharpening was easy, but learning scissor sharpening took years. Honing my skills was a journey. Sharpening scissors at first was like a blind man fumbling around trying to find the light switch in an unfamiliar room. When I started, there were maybe 3 people in the USA, who I knew sharpened scissors. No one was telling me anything. I had to figure it out. Now I teach scissor sharpening. And shear sharpening.

I built my first scissor-sharpening machine by re-working a belt sander style-sharpening machine used to sharpen knives. I must have done something right, because I sharpened scissors on it for 17 years. I always knew I could do better scissor sharpening but lacked a teacher and good scissor sharpening equipment.

I learned scissor sharpening from companies like Joewell, Hikari and Buttercut. Joewell actually showed me their scissor sharpening facility and taught me how they sharpened scissors. Hikari scissor company never formally taught me scissor sharpening, but in the early years were doing scissor sharpening openly at the New York Beauty Show. It was only after several years of this open scissor sharpening that they decided to block their scissor sharpening from public view. They didnít want to teach anyone a trade, which made them good money. I have pretty good eyes and for 3 years, watched them as much as I could.

Buttercut was a vendor of mine and I was able to gleen many valuable scissor sharpening tips from the owner while in phone conversation. He taught me a lot more about scissor sharpening than he knew.

In 1997 I invented a scissor-sharpening machine, which has now become the benchmark for all other sharpening machine companies to beat. My scissor-sharpening machine received a US patent for itís uniqueness and has raised the bar in terms of scissor sharpening quality.

There are probably 10 other companies now competing for sales of scissor-sharpening machines. Rapid Edge is a clear leader in the scissor sharpening business. There are over 100 companies now using my scissor sharpening equipment in both the scissor manufacturing industry and the after market scissor sharpening sector.

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