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We’ve just invented the world’s first portable sharpening system devoted solely for NIPPER SHARPENING and other manicurist’s implements! 

More photos will be forthcoming!

Congratulation to the following Rapid Edge Affiliates who participated in the National Scissor Sharpening Guild Competition (November 8-10, 2002)

Rob Sheets - 2Sharp Rapid Edge, LA -  2nd Place
Mitch Minor - Mitch's Rapid Edge, UT 
John Tascano - Custom Edge Shears, MO 
Nick Cutter - Edge Master, CA - Competition Judge
Ed McBurney -Eddie Mac's Colorado Rapid Edge, CO
Neal Brunk - Neil's Rapid Edge, NC
Jeff Guertin - Scissor Wizard Rapid Edge, MN
Former Trainee

 Introducing the Rapid Edge Master Sharpening System. Over 7 years of development and refinement, and over $200,000 in development costs!  The RES System represents the absolute state of the art for sharpening salon scissors. Look at the other offerings and compare “theirs” to ours. One look will tell you that any claim “they” have to the “best”, “finest” or “ultimate” are false. If you’re thinking of getting into sharpening salon scissors, then the RES System is the only way to go. 


Dale Shrable of Dale's RAPID EDGE

If you're a seasoned pro and want to upgrade your equipment and performance levels to a never before obtainable state, then the RES System is for you. One purchaser told us his sharpening times were lowered by over 30%, his consistency was dramatically improved, and his hand fatigue had literally disappeared. Using other machines with single plates takes time. The time to change abrasives takes as much as 20 seconds. Let's lower this estimate for those who would argue the 20 second estimate and instead, use 10 seconds per abrasive change. OK?


Rue Trumpler from Chi - Town RAPID EDGE

Assume that you are going to do 5 abrasive changes while doing a scissor. (Average) This includes rough, medium, fine, polish and reverse. This equals 50 seconds per scissor in LOST time! My system uses 5 plates and eliminates 48 of those 50 seconds of abrasive change times!!! Using the RES it is possible to completely finish a simple beveled edge scissor in 2 minutes 45 seconds!* For every 3 scissors you do on “their” machine, you can do 4 with mine!**  At a recent show in Kansas City I consistently demonstrated sharpening a blade through the full process of 5 abrasives, in less than 20 seconds!  

scissor sharpening machine

The RES System is…….. 

1) Ultra accurate 

2) Ultra fast 

3) Water cooled, and comes with high output lighting. 

4) Light weight 

5) Completely portable 

6) Quiet 

7) Set up in UNDER 1 MINUTE.

 8) The easiest system in the world to learn. 

9) The most beautiful machine ever made. 

10) Anodized in brilliant colors.

11) Available in 120V or 240V versions. 

Best of all, there's no need for constant abrasive changes like other machines. In fact, with all the abrasive change times eliminated using the RES System, you can sharpen an additional 3 scissors or more per day! Do the math and you will see that the RES System could easily pay for itself in less than a year, by simply increasing productivity and eliminating those constant annoying abrasive changes!

Let Rapid Edge Sharpening Technologies help bring your business into the 21st century.

Call 1-800-334-3765 for prices. If outside the USA, call   518-639-5562, or Email us at sharpen1@capital.net or use the “contact us”  page of this web site.

* Based on my abilities. Speeds like this take time to master, and are not average or guaranteed.

** Times based on proven speeds achieved by Roger Kaye and are not guaranteed. Just possible. Most scissors take longer. 5 - 8 minutes, depending on damages and prior sharpening by other people.

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