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Any company accessing the list of authorized service agents on the Rapid Edge web site PLEASE TAKE NOTE!  Rapid Edge will not tolerate any involvement in selling illegally marked,  miss-marked, or  unmarked  scissors.   Proper country of origin  markings  must  be  clearly  marked  in accordance with  federal law, on all scissors  etc.   Failure  to  do  so is  a  violation  of section  304  of the  Tariff Act Accessing this site  to  solicit  sale of said  products is  a violation  of the Federal Wire Tap Law.   Rapid  Edge neither  allows  nor  condones  this  and  strives  to maintain  the  highest  standards  of  integrity, at all  times.  Any attempts of illegal solicitation  will  be  dealt  with  in  federal  court.   Trust me on this!

Marking of Country of Origin on U.S. Imports; Customs Pub. No. 539

Department of the Treasury U.S. Customs Service

Special Markings on Certain Articles:

The  following  articles  and  parts  thereof, unless  otherwise  subject  to  the marking  exceptions   provided  for  in Section 304 of the Tariff Act, must be   marked   legibly  and  conspicuously  with   their  country of  origin  by die-stamping,  cast-in-mold  lettering, etching (acid or electrolytic), engraving, or by means  of  metal plates  which  bear the prescribed marking and which are  securely  attached to  the  article  in  a  conspicuous  place  by  welding,  screws, or rivets:

Knives,  forks,  steels , scissors safety razors,  blades for  safety razors, surgical   instruments,  dental  instruments,  scientific   and   laboratory instruments,  pliers,  pincers,  nippers and hinged hand tools for holding and   splicing  wire ,  vacuum   containers    and    parts  of  the   above articles.     



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