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“If you think education is expensive….Try EXPERIENCE”

With over 26 years experience sharpening only hair scissors, and obtaining training from some of the top sharpening technicians throughout the world, Roger Kaye; President of Rapid Edge Inc., is uniquely qualified to teach the “art of scissor sharpening.”

When you choose to become a Rapid Edge Affiliate, you will train “one on one” with Mr. Kaye.  His approach to training is to follow a proven, carefully measured and thought out method of sharpening. This method, combined with his high accuracy, state of the art equipment can propel you to the top echelon of sharpening technicians in a very short time span. Mr. Kaye uses pictures, physical models and other proprietary devices and techniques to train his students.

The course is four days in length and is held at the Rapid Edge facility in South Glens Falls, NY.  During the four days, you will not only learn how to sharpen, but also how to obtain customers, conduct business, and how to maintain your customer base.  Mr. Kaye’s experience will prove to be invaluable for the new sharpening technician. He has first hand knowledge about what works or doesn’t work in getting, keeping and doing business.

The course description is as follows

Day #1

Your first day is a shortened day. [9am-3pm]  Information overload can be a detriment to learning. After 3-4pm you will go back to your hotel and read the (approx. 50 page) Rapid Edge manual. 

The first 2-3 hours is a comprehensive look at your new machine. You will learn how to do routine maintenance, cleaning, and abrasive changes. How to hold and load the blade for sharpening and proper hand and body position for efficient use of the system is demonstrated.

The rest of the day consists of an in-depth study of how and why scissors work. The concepts are simple in overall terms, but somewhat complex in terms of visualization. Mr. Kaye uses physical models of blades to show how and why scissors work. The use of pictures and high magnification apparatus ensure that even the most novice student will get this basic knowledge.

Day #2

Day 1 is reviewed and careful attention to your questions is given. It is of great importance that you understand the basic principles of a scissor. Following this review, you are then instructed on how to sharpen a basic beveled edge. This is the easiest edge to establish. Depending on how well you do, you may advance to more complex edging techniques. During day 1 there will be other aspects of sharpening discussed.

Day #3

More review and practice on beveled edges. After this review, you are then instructed on how to create the more advanced “Convex” edge. This is the edge used on the very high end hair scissors. More information on setting blades, corrugating edges, doing lefty scissors, repairing bad work and various other items is discussed.

Day #4

Again, review is key to understanding and repetition is key to success.  The last day is more practice on both convex and beveled edges. The day usually ends by 4-5pm. If transportation to the airport is needed, you will be taken in time to go through security.  To date, no one has been denied the ability to bring his or her machine as “carry on” in the airplane. Mr. Kaye will see that your machine goes with you on board. If not, he will gladly ship it to you via FedEx or UPS overnight delivery. This will be an additional charge for the shipping, but it is better not to check this important piece of equipment into baggage.

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