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What people are saying about Rapid Edge . . .


See what people are saying about Rapid Edge . . .


Mr. Kaye:

I have been in the scissor sharpening game over 10 years.  After 6 years of trying to work out how to properly sharpen scissors, and failing, I saw the RES on the net.  After discussion with Roger, and a sample of the work sent to me, I then decided to fly to the USA from Australia to have a look for myself.  Within 30 minutes of trying the RES I knew I had to buy it, as the quality of work was so much better than I thought possible.  I purchased it there and then, making sure to take it home with me.  This was the best business decision I have ever made.  The RES has turned by business around from near bankruptcy to very profitable.  The clients love the in salon service, and more so, the quality of work I consistently put out.  The RES has performed flawlessly since day one and still works perfectly.

Peter McLean, Rapid Edge, Victoria, Australia


Dear Roger,

Thank you for the Rapid Edge Sharpening Machine.  With it I do consistent excellent sharpening.  The scissors are always razor sharp.  They ALWAYS cut any test medium.  It is very easy to duplicate the manufacturers original cutting edge.  The only time I have a problem is if the scissor is bent or otherwise damaged.

I have had your machine for almost 4 years.  There was not one day that I could not work with the machine.  During that time we repaired only one part on the arm that was becoming loose.  It was still usable but you replaced it.  Oh, yes, you did send me an upgrade of the dial because the original housing was plastic and you said the new metal ones would last longer.

I have been sharpening since 1981.  During that time I have seen a lot of sharpening equipment.  Yours is the best by far.  When I came to look at the RES I had no intention of buying another machine.  (I didn't even bring a check book.)  When I saw how it worked, I gave you all the money I had on me for a deposit.

The machine is durable, portable, works fantastically, and always creates quite a stir when stylists see it.  After using it for almost 4 years I must say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for inventing the RES.

Best regards, Sidney Rubinstein, CA


Hello Roger,

Just a note to say thanks for your help in starting my own scissor sharpening business.  Attached is a copy of my Master Scissor Sharpening Certification by the National Shear Sharpening Guild (NSSG).  This is the fruit from your training.

In January 1999 I came to your factory and attended your workshop on scissor sharpening and repair.  The class went beyond just sharpening.  I use many of the techniques every day in salons.

In November 1999 I returned to Las Vegas NSSG meeting for more training and to compete in the Shear Sharpening competition.  Sixteen people competed and only six passed.  I had one of the highest scores.  I am now a member of the guild and can use the designation of "Certified Master Sharpener".  People were amazed to find out that I had only been sharpening for ten months!

By business would not be as successful as it is today without your machine and training .  . Many Thanks.   


Doug Crabtree     



Hi Roger,

Dellaria Salon in Lexington was so impressed with the sharpening job and professionalism of my company, they talked to their manager, who is sending by business cards to the corporate office to distribute to the other Dellaria Salons in the next payroll mailing.  I told them I wanted to stay "local" as they have places all over the place. .  . . . That made me quite proud! (you can be too!)


Bud Raithal, Diamond Edge


Hey Roger,

I just wanted to let you know that all is well.  My break through finally came on Wednesday.  I set my record best day, sharpening 34 pair.  Thursday I did 33 pair.  It truly is amazing how effortless it is when you've got the recipe down.  Again I want to thank you for making such a bitchen machine.

Thanks again

Nevin Brandau, Brandau Bros. Scissor Company



I have been working the Denver side of the state very hard and things are going VERY well.  The Rapid Edge system just kills the competition.  Once I sharpen the scissor that stylist is mine!  I am working harder now that I ever did in the medical profession and I am enjoying every minute of it!  

Ed McBurney, Eddie Mac's Colorado Rapid Edge


The moment I saw Roger's machine I was sold.  With having seven years background as a tool and die maker I knew this was the way to go.  Sharpening hair cutting scissors is a challenging job, but yet a stress free lifestyle.  The Haircutting Industry is full of great people, it is a pleasure to sell and service their tools. In every salon you visit you become part of their social environment.  What a great life!

Frank J Hall Jr.,  Hall Rapid Edge



Hi Roger,

Got home safely. I was able to put my machine in an area behind  business
class so I could keep it safe from damage. I had a long wait at Newark  but I got
into the Presidents Club and was able to get some sleep and read my  manual
for hour and hours. Ha ha. You won't believe it but John Cleese was in  the
Presidents Club. What a coincidence! I didn't ask him about his parrot.
I have already sharpened some of my wife's old scissors and she can't  believe
how they are now.

Once again I wanted to express my thanks for your kindness and for sharing
your skills and knowledge with me. I am delighted that I chose to take your
course and acquire your wonderful system. You are a very good teacher and I will
 try and live up to the Rapid Edge name. Good luck for your future inventions and I hope you don't give it all up when you get your #1 hit record.
I will be in touch to order some scissors in the near future.


Hi Roger,
We have received the machine in the afternoon and for the same occasion I'm sending you some pics on the river sailing by captain Roger.
Thanks for everything.
Junhao & Huong.


Dear Roger,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your support of the NSSG this year.  Rapid Edge is a great team of Professional Sharpeners that truly understands the value of on-going training.  It was such a pleasure to meet, talk and work with you and your group!

We look forward to seeing your group next year.  Keep-up your great business!

Karen Tanner, President  J.S. Fleuridas Company


Hi Roger, 

I hope you remember me (Ilka from Chicopee Mass).  I just had to tell you that I enlisted the services of Chris from Worcester for my salon - what a great job!!!!!!  I will refer him to other salons in the area.  . . . . thank you for having trained him so well.

Always, Ilka

Montreal Cosmetology Show -- March 2003


Dear Roger,

I just had to write and tell you, once again, how much I love my nippers and scissors since you sharpened them!  I've been in the nail business almost 24 years and have never found a nipper sharpener that I was happy with.  Now, I can finally say that I am VERY happy.

In the past, I would get back the nippers, after a sharpening, in worse condition.  They just would not last or be as sharp.  They never achieve the same sharpness they originally had when I bought them.  I was always told, before they would sharpen my nippers, that they only sharpened scissors and they couldn't guarantee if they could do the same for nippers.  Their sharpening machines were designed, specifically, for scissors not nippers.  I gave it a try anyway.  It got to be very expensive.

I was thrilled reading my Nail Pro magazine to see your photo and the sharpening machine you designed for straight manicure nippers in mind.  I looked you up on the internet and saw that there were several businesses using your machine that lived closed to my side to he country.  I decided to go with the inventor, who could be better?  I was right!  We never actually spoke, before I sent my "supply" of accumulating nippers and wrap scissors.  I went ahead and paid with a postal money order all the fees in full and waited for a phone call or a package of sharpened implements.  I didn't wait long (an incredible 8 days!)

My nippers, even the broken (curved) one you placed with two, and scissors are EXCELLENT!  Brand NEW!  I can't wait to tell all my friends about your amazing service and machine.  I have finally found an honest business owner/inventor, who delivers (very quickly) precisely that service he advertises.  You are the BEST!! Thank you so much.

Emmeline Bryson, Owner/Master Nail Technician, Riviera Nail Spa, CA



Howdy Roger,

Things are going well WELL.  I had a $700 Saturday!  And I'm goin back out there in a few hours.  I'm doing BIG salons and lovin it!    All I need is one customer and inevitable I end up spending 3 to 5 hours....I can't get over how good my sharpening is.  I'm getting a reputation. To wit: My wife's friend was getting her hair done.... during the visit she overheard the stylist talking about me.  They said the new scissor guy is "terrific".....

Dan Blackowski in northern New Jersey



Thanks for sending me the supplies so quickly.  I also appreciate what a great mentor you have been to me.

Chuck Hoover



Please find enclosed a check for $1000.00 for deposit on machine.  I spent some time with Casper at Eickert's yesterday.  he demonstrated the machine and made me feel right at home.  They think a lot of you and I feel I'm making the right choice.

Thank you, Gary




Thanks for the training, hospitality and mostly the machine, it is all you said it was and then some!  Overbuilt in the finest manner.  I had several pair of absolute junk shears to practice on when I got home, using the techniques you taught me I put them through one trip around the machine and they were amazingly sharp, first time!  I thought they were pairs I would normally "walk away from" but since they were given to me without any hope of results I gave them a try, unbelievable!  I arrived at your shop having never sharpened a pair in my life and left there with a machine and a knowledge base that will allow me to excel in this business.  The "Fixture" on your machine is a work of art, complex design, simple enough for a teenager to understand and master.

Thanks again, I never questioned or wavered on my decision to put up the money to buy the best.  I was not disappointed, I did the right thing.  Take care and keep you posted as my career develops.

Your Friend,  Bret Baggett


Hi Roger,

Practice is going great.  I'm much more relaxed now.

I went to a JCPenney salon last Saturday.  There were 3 stylists.  2 had old old ICE scissors that were really worn and had never been sharpened.  1 had an old pair that just said JAPAN.  The ICE shears came out really sharp and the girls were very happy.  The JAPAN pair was much better metal and was really easy work with.  They came out great too.  Everyone was very happy, including myself.  40 minutes (including set up, sales pitch, pack-up) = $75.00 cash in my pocket.  COOL!!

I'll hit a few more on Saturday.  Thanks Roger.  This is going to work out great.  I think I may have 3 future people/students for you also.



From the discussion forum called "The SharpNet",

In defense of Roger's Rapid Edge machine, I was a very tough convert, but have to admit, that the machine does perform better than most anything out there.  It is very precise and fast.  Even our factory guys like them and I have 4 more on order.  (Don't tell Roger that I praised him, because I would never hear the end of it! :-)

Uwe Eickert, Arius-Eickert Co., Inc.


Rapid Edge's 1st Summer Barbecue - 2003


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